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Available Talks & Trainings

I run regular programs, give talks and facilitate workshops all over the world, and coach/consult with a wide range of people, institutions, and agencies. Contact me to discuss logistics, fees, and scheduling.


My talks & trainings span 3 foci: (1) institutional change & leadership, (2) creativity in science, and (3) evidence-based, inclusive science communication.


Keynotes & Plenaries

As a keynote speaker, I challenge and inspire audiences to identify their unique skills and priorities, then leverage these insights to (a) effectively and inclusively share science and (b) change institutions and society for the better. My talks are high-energy, beautifully illustrated, and engagingly interactive while also being deeply rooted in the evidence base that informs both effective communication and genuine social change.


  • Making a Career of Creativity

  • Phenomenal Women: Finding Solidarity to STEM the Tide of Bias in Science

  • Why facts don’t work (alone): Making connections for effective science communication

  • Rethinking creativity: How art and creativity enhance science & scicomm

  • Drawn to Nature: Women, Science and The Art of Details

  • Drawn to Science: Exploring Historical and Contemporary Synergies Between Drawing, Creativity, and Science


Invited Talks

I give engaging talks on intersections of scicomm, art-science integration & organizational change.


  • Sharing values, goals, and stories for an evidence-based approach to making science matter.

  • Why facts don’t work (alone): Making connections for effective science communication

  • Rethinking creativity: How art and creativity enhance science and science communication

  • Equity-Focused, Evidence-Based Approaches to Teaching and Assessing SciComm in Higher Education

  • Rhetoric, the science of science communication, and talking effectively about climate change

  • Science Information, Misinformation, and You

  • Re-thinking writing: Thinking, creating, and overcoming the boogie man of being a "bad writer"

Bethann standing up amongst students, teaching them to sketch in the Panamanian jungle, while on an ecology & culture field course

Trainings + Workshops

I lead hands-on, evidence-based workshops and trainings on academic writing, inclusive scicomm,

art-science synergies,
DEIJ in science and academia, and enhancing mentorship.


  • Applied principles of science communication

  • Creative approaches to grant writing for scientists

  •  Enhancing mentoring (workshops on DEIJ, self-efficacy, setting expectations, etc._

  • Reckoning with career sustainability in higher ed: Setting integrated personal and professional goals

  • Demystifying the Media (3-part series)

  • Seeing science: Visual strategies for dealing with the SciComm reality that facts don’t work (alone)
  • Scholarly writing practices - writing mindset bootcamp
  • Drawing foundations workshops for:

    • Curious Minds 

    • Making and Using Drawings in STEM Teaching and Learning

    • Integrating Drawing into the Scientists’ Toolkit

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