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Drawn to Science: Studying the Efficacy of Art-Science Integration

Principle Investigator


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Advice on art-science integration

Add drawing to your field or lab course!

I lead a set of studies investigating the efficacy of art-science integration for teaching and learning about the natural sciences. In particular, I study (1) how art and creative writing practices can enhance teaching, learning, and research in the sciences, (2) how transdisciplinary research and public-facing work is conducted, and (3) how to enhance scientists’ ability to learn from and use arts and humanities practices to inform and improve their research and sharing their science.

My main collaborator in this work is Dr. Jennifer Purrenhage (Univ. of New Hampshire). This work is supported in part by the Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station's Global Perspectives Program, the WyoGlobal Program, Sheridan College, the Neltje Center, and the UW Biodiversity Institute.

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