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Science Communication Research + Practice | Impacts Assessment | Organizational Change Management

Systemic and institutional change are possible.

After all, universities have almost limitless resources. But, most academics aren’t trained to facilitate or participate in institutional change, and they lack models for change that is happening. We need to (and can!) look to other sectors of society where change is vital, urgent, and under way. Using these models can inform and inspire our action within academia -- where we already have influence and access to the spectacular assets of a university.

But, for change to happen, for us to stand together and work for change, we have to believe to our core that people can change, too.

I work to make these connections tangible and doable, because change matters, and change is possible.

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Books, Guides + Advice

My booksguides + advice support you if you:

  • need to get better at writing or helping developing writers;

  • want to enhance your efforts to inclusively share science;

  • seek resources for creatively improving your community;

  • like art and science and want to do work that connects the two.

If you are looking for customized coaching or training, contact me directly to discuss.

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Current Projects

I lead communications and strategic planning initiatives for academic, community development, journalism, and public policy organizations. I study, use, and provide training on transdisciplinary approaches to enhance inclusive approaches to public engagement and inform equitable institutional change. I also teach a range of undergraduate and graduate courses on science communication and public engagement. Check out my current projects here.

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CommNatural Blog

The CommNatural blog provides evidence-based resources, think pieces, and inspiration for inclusively sharing science, equitable approaches to organizational management, careers in scicomm, and art-science integration.

I use mixed-method tools to study approaches to training in self-efficacy and collective action in order to empower scientists and science students to change institutions so we can use the near-limitless resources of universities to make the world more just and inclusive.

Communicate better. Communicate for change.

Won't share your contact info or spam you. Will send things your way that matter.

Yay! You're going to communicate for change!

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