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Media Coverage

My research and creative activities, as well as the work done by many students I have taught or mentored, has generated interest from media, nonprofit organizations, and government entities across North America and Europe.

  1. Pralle, Carolyn. Finding the pearls: a practical approach for effective science storytelling. SciComm Bites. 31 August 2022. (link)

  2. Meiners, Joan. To capture a bee: Women, entomology, and science illustration. Two Million Blossoms, Germany. Autumn 2021. (print only) – article featured my research on teaching faculty how to use drawing in field and lab courses.

  3. Currier, Sydney. Is creativity in your visualizing science toolkit? Canadian Science Publishing, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 20 July 2021. (link)

  4. Rust, Niki. How should the British countryside look post-Brexit? We asked the public. The Conversation, UK. 14 April 2021. (link)

  5. Staff. What we want on our land. Shooting Times and Country Magazine, UK. 21 April 2021. (link)

  6. Piccone, Ashley. Words Matter for Scientists – Here’s Why. Wyoming Public Media. 19 March 2021. (link) Radio story features a journal article led by a grad student in a science communication course I taught in 2021 (I co-authored the article).

  7. Dzombak, Becca. Using Soil to Make Art: Geologists in California and Wyoming use unique palettes to teach science. Smithsonian magazine. 26 January 2021. (link)

  8. Morrison, Abby. Field Drawing in Natural Sciences with Bethann Garramon Merkle. Field, Lab, Earth podcast. American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America and Soil Science Society of America. 1 January 2021. (link)

  9. Homer-Wambeam, London. UW Researcher Promotes Use of Poetry in Science. Wyoming Public Radio. 28 November 2018. (link)

  10. Science Media Center of Canada. Heads Up Weekly Newsletter featured our research on poetry and science. 9 October 2018. Link not available, because research shared in this newsletter is embargoed and list is exclusive to vetted journalists.

  11. Hu, Jane C. The next time you want to explain something complicated, write a haiku instead. Quartz. 9 October 2018. (link)

  12. American Institute of Biological Sciences. 8 October 2018. Our research about poetry and science was the headliner/subject line for the AIBS weekly newsletter.

  13. UW in the News. Featured my research on poetry and science. 8 October 2018. (link)

  14. Anderson, Lorena. The Poetry of Science Sparks International Collaboration. University of California-Merced. Merced, CA, 4 October 2018. (link)

  15. Ontiveroz, Milton. UW Researcher, Colleagues Use Poetry to Promote Science. University of Wyoming News. Laramie, WY, 4 October 2018. (link)

  16. Mandryk, Courtney and B.G. Merkle. Artist Feature: Bethann Garramon Merkle. Root & Star magazine. 30 August 2018. (link)

  17. Sneath, S. Scientists made art of what they study. Hilarity ensued. The Times-Picayune. New Orleans, LA, 6 August 2018. Quoted me.

  18. Sneath, S. Scientists’ child-like drawings of the creatures they study are going viral. Here’s why. New Orleans, LA. 3 August 2018. Quoted me. (link)

  19. Newman, E. Downtown mural reaches completion. Laramie Boomerang. Laramie, WY, 17 August 2018. Article about collaborative mural project to which I contributed. (link)

  20. UW student scientists connect individual research with local murals. Gillette News Record. Gillette, WY, 27 January 2018. Article about student project I facilitated in a graduate-level course I designed and taught. (link)

  21. Crall, A. Sweet citizen science for National Honey Month. 18 September 2021. (link)

  22. Chaney, R. Science offers solutions as well as problems, fisheries experts maintain. Missoulian. Missoula, MT, 23 May 2017. Article includes photo of me preparing for plenary talk at American Fisheries Society (western division) annual meeting (link).

  23. Nadeau, S. Bethann Merkle crosses continents in search of tortoise and hare. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph. Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, 4 May 2016. (link)

  24. White, J. A. “Drawn to Biodiversity” workshop combines observation with curiosity. Wyoming EPSCoR. Laramie, WY, 8 March 2016.

  25. Senzt, Sarah. Interview: Bethann G. Merkle of CommNatural. Misadventures magazine. 7 October 2015. (link)

  26. Christy, M. Snow in Tucson. Arizona Daily Star. Tucson, AZ, 1 January 2015. Featured photo of me doing field sketches for book illustration commission (link).

  27. Nadeau, S. Drawn to Natural history and science through art. Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph. Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, 17 September 2014 (link).

  28. Martinsen, M. Drawing class offered. Choteau Acantha. 23 April 2014, Choteau, MT. Article featuring drawing class I offered (link).

  29. 18th-century scientist sewed tiny pants for frogs. 26 March 2014. Viral sharing of article I illustrated (link).

  30. Davis, L. Why 18th century biologists made copulating frogs wear tiny pants. March 2014. Viral sharing of article I illustrated (link).

  31. Out & About: The week in arts and entertainment. Missoulian. 14 May 2010, Missoula, MT. Article mentions drawing workshop I taught for the Watershed Education Network (link).

  32. Gerber, M. Outdoors briefs for Thursday, May 13: Learn to protect Clark Fork waters. Missoulian. 13 May 2010, Missoula, MT. Article mentions drawing workshop I taught for the Watershed Education Network (link).

  33. Cohen, B. Missoulians flock to sun, sustainability at Caras Park. Missoulian. 18 April 2010. Article quotes me as project director of organization which coordinates annual Earth Day celebration (link).

  34. Martinsen, M. Community group working on garden. Choteau Acantha. 8 April 2009. Article quotes me re community development gardening project I co-facilitated (link).

  35. Martinsen, M. Hospital benefit auction Sept. 26. Choteau Acantha. 23 September 2009. Article about juried auction which included my photography (link).

  36. Tuesday at the fair. Missoulian. 10 August 2009. Article mentions “Dirt on Composting” workshop I co-facilitated (link).

  37. Martinsen, M. 2008. Community picks 4 action plans. Choteau Acantha. 31 December 2008. Article quotes me, participant and co-facilitator in multi-year community development process (link).

  38. Martinsen, M. Shadows of the Past auction to benefit new meds system. Choteau Acantha. 19 September 2007. Article about juried auction which included my photography (link; auction follow-up article here).

  39. Thornton, N. Don't miss Teton County courthouse gala Dec. 2. Choteau Acantha. 29 November 2006. Article about centennial celebration, juried artwork included my illustration (link).

  40. Thornton, N. Rural permit regulations to be revised. Choteau Acantha. 21 June 2006. Article quotes me (link).

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