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Artful Science: Learning by drawing


Work in progress: illustration of a Wyoming toad (© B.G. Merkle, 2017)

One of my favorite things about being an artist is getting to learn about other people’s science.

For example, in the past couple of years, I’ve learned:

  1. about traditional ecological knowledge relating to caribou genetics (link)

  2. several fish species build nests (link; my take)

  3. citizen science is helping Wyoming biologists track amphibian populations (link)

  4. bees have germs, and these germs can be studied (link)

  5. dogs are a big concern when trying to reintroduce bighorn sheep near cities in the Southwest (link)

  6. you can make pants for frogs (link; my take)

  7. there are many different ways to measure biodiversity (link)

It’s been pretty neat to learn about all these things, and I’m excited to think there’s no telling what I’ll learn about next!

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