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August newsletter: Sketching in professional settings

August was full of workshops and trainings, nearly all of which focused on sketching in professional settings such as conferences, classrooms, and meetings.

Newsletter_Sketching Tip_screenshot (08.2015)

So August’s newsletter shares that theme.

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This Month’s Table of Contents:

  1. Sketching tip: 6 tips for sketching notes

  2. Artful Science: Sketching at a conference

  3. Artful Classrooms: Sketching for STEM teachers

  4. Sketchbook Snapshot: Baltimore, Maryland

  5. News & Events: Greeting cards, grad school announcement & personal subscriptions to my “Drawn to the West” column

  6. Bonus: Conference/networking hack..have spectacular business cards plus 10% discount for your own mini business cards!

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NOTE: The CommNatural newsletter is distinct from my blog. The newsletter focuses on drawing in SciArt, while the blog deals with a range of SciComm topics. So click here to view the newsletter archive and click here to subscribe. Curious what’s the difference? Here’s a straight forward breakdown.

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