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Jan/Feb 2017 CommNatural Newsletter: Snow sketching, winter vocabulary & more


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Happy not-quite-spring, dear readers! Although we’re a long way from actual spring, the weather in my neck of the woods has been decidedly warm lately.

That means, I’ve been spending a lot of time outside, roving the prairie with my pup, and, to be honest, writing more than drawing. Even so, the January/February 2017 newsletter focuses on winter (or what’s left of it), things you can do indoors, etc.

Happy sketching,

Jan/Feb Table of Contents

  1. Sketching Tip: Sketching Snow

  2. Artful Science: Tips for integrating drawing into university biology courses

  3. Artful Classrooms: Winter Vocabulary

  4. News & Events:

  5. Webinar: Tips for working with an illustrator; 2/22

  6. Poem published in Montana anthology

  7. I’ve been elected chair-elect for ESA SciComm Section!

  8. Get your spring greeting cards and gifts from me! 🙂


Click image to view full newsletter.

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