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June 2015 newsletter: Birds on the brain!

Lately, I’ve been writing about birds, drawing birds, tending to the six that are now my responsibility (chickens!), and watching birds. So this month’s newsletter is (almost) all about birds.

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This Month’s Table of Contents:

  1. Sketching tip: 4 bird sketching tips (the shapes a bird is “made of”)

  2. Artful Science: 2 great #sciart bird books – America’s Other Audubon and The Unfeathered Bird

  3. Artful Classrooms: Bird drawing tips from a top bird artist, John Muir Laws

  4. Sketchbook Snapshot: Toads, gardens & a puppy

  5. News & Events

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NOTE: The CommNatural newsletter is distinct from my blog. The newsletter focuses on drawing in SciArt, while the blog deals with a range of SciComm topics. So click here to view the newsletter archive and click here to subscribe. Curious what’s the difference? Here’s a straight forward breakdown.

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