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New illustrated column & sketching workshops!

I am absolutely thrilled to share some great news with you.

Today marks the third week of an illustrated column – Drawn to Quebec – I have begun penning for North America’s oldest newspaper.

Drawn to Quebec_sketching en plein air_QCT (07.16.2014)_2

The Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph is Quebec City’s only English-language newspaper, and I’ve been a contributing journalist/photojournalist there for a couple of years. However, July 2014 saw the launch of my first column melding my appreciation for a striking city and communicating about the world through illustrations and sketches.

Each week, I will highlight an activity, location, or individual through a combination of illustrations and text. As much as possible, the column will have a connection to nature, natural history, science and sustainability, though that may be constrained by the limits of a particular topic.

As with most of my drawings, Drawn to Quebec readers can look forward to the majority of these illustrations having been made on-location, right as I’m collecting material for the article.


Drawn to Quebec banner (07.2014)_v6

Want more?

If you’re interested in following along, or want to know more about sketching in Quebec City and sketching on location, you’ll find complete details on the column’s website:


Hand drawing_sig

Would you like to visually record what happens around you, the places you go, and the things you see? But, you’re not quite sure how to get started, or you’re convinced you’re not an artist?

No problem! I offer personalized sketching workshops and lessons for people like you – people who want to learn to sketch, sketch on-location, or learn to keep an illustrated travel or nature journal. And, if you don’t live where I live, we can work out the details so I can come sketch in your location, or I can connect you to online resources and local sketchers in your region.

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