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On the bison trail – Prince Albert National Park bison research

Prince Albert National Park, PANP, 2013

The Sturgeon River plains bison, located in Saskatchewan’s Prince Albert National Park (PANP), belong to one of three fully wild (i.e. free-ranging) bison herds in Canada.  It is said to be the only such Canadian herd found within historic bison range.  This herd, and the on-going research focused on them, has been a significant focus for us for the past three years.  The following links lead to field notes, published articles, and photography galleries related to the project.  This archive will be updated as new material is published.

HINT: Check out the field notes (last section) for personal anecdotes about what it’s like to follow bison through the woods for months.

Articles (popular & peer-reviewed)

  1. Likelihood-Based Photograph Identification:

Application With Photographs of Free-Ranging BisonThe Wildlife Society Bulletin (J. A. Merkle)

  1. University Laval students study unique bison herd – Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph (B. G. Merkle)

  2. QCT writer on the bison trail – Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph (B. G. Merkle)

  3. A glimpse of field work in the “Land of the Living Skies” – Center for Forest Research/Centre d’étude de la fôret (B. G. Merkle & J. A. Merkle)

  4. A park where the buffalo roam – BC Nature (B. G. Merkle & J. A. Merkle)

Photo galleries*

*Photos are available for licensing (commercial, non-profit, and educational use) and art prints.  Contact us for details.

  1. Prince Albert National Park highlights gallery

  2. 2013 PANP prescribed burns


  1. Bison conservation in North America

  2. Photography as a research & conservation tool

  3. Reducing human-wildlife conflicts

Field notes

  1. Prince Albert National Park

  2. The Count

  3. Getting to the Edge

  4. The Approach

  5. Cohabitants of the forest

  6. Trans-Canadian Summer: Saskatchewan

  7. Chasing bison: what’s it all about?

  8. ‘Candid camera’ conservation project

  9. The Great White North

  10. Smokin’ grass – prescribed burns

  11. Biodiversity in the field

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