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September 2016 Newsletter: Making Connections through SciArt


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I spent much of the summer contributing to/planning two summer teaching institutes at the University of Wyoming, working on an art-as-science research manuscript with some great collaborators in Canada’s Northwest Territories, and crafting some illustrations of native bees for a science ed/outreach initiative based in North Carolina. And most recently, I helped facilitate UW’s first ever SciArt Symposium, which was a fascinating blend of both fields.

Through it all, I’ve been thinking about my genuine interest in being a catalyst and idea-sharer, helping others access the pleasure and productive aspects of art-science integration.

And so, this month’s newsletter focuses on some of the ideas and info I’ve encountered and shared this summer, with an eye toward connecting you to others’ ideas.

Happy sketching!

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September Table of Contents

  1. Sketching Tip: Sketching at zoos and aquariums (guest tip!)

  2. Artful Science: Stardom – Women in science and the arts

  3. Artful Classrooms: Drawing in the Classroom – Ideas in practice

  4. Sketchbook Snapshot: Experimenting through repetition

  5. News & Events:

  6. Illustrated greeting cards for staying in touch this summer

  7. University of Wyoming Natural History Class – student workshop

  8. Bee Germs illustrations are live!

  9. University of Wyoming SciArt Symposium follow-up

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