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Turning a home movie into sciart

I’ve been exploring the intersection between sketching on location and eco-communication inspired by life a lot lately.

So, I couldn’t resist doing an eco-comm piece when I saw a couple of casual videos of my goddaughters exploring the Museum of the Rockies, a world-class dinosaur museum in Bozeman, MT.

This illustration was made by pausing the video, listening very carefully to one of the little girls describing her reaction to the museum, and sketching rapidly with Adobe Photoshop and an old-school Wacom drawing tablet (nearly as old as the fossils below).

Dinosaur museum_v7  (04.15.2014)

#art #dinoart #ecocomm #science #museum #MuseumoftheRockies #illustration #ecoart #dinosaur #scicomm #kids #howto

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