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Biodiesel photo in Mother Earth News

One of my first published photographs, aside from those published in my hometown newspaper, was this biodiesel image.  It ran in Mother Earth News in 2008, as part of an article a former roommate wrote about “home brewing” biofuels.  Having spent the previous summer cooking up biodiesel for use at The Nature Conservancy’s Pine Butte Guest Ranch, I couldn’t have been more willing to contribute to Derek’s article.

On the rare occasion that Derek didn’t use his bike, the car would roll away from the “eco-village” house where we lived with a batch of chickens and an international mélange of environmental and conservation grad students.   Normally, that car settled on the curb, well within walking distance of the University of Montana and the Higgins Street bridge.  When we shot the photograph, the sun was just low enough to provide a serendipitous flash on that vintage diesel car, and Mount Sentinel provided a hazy summer background.

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