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Drawing as a way of seeing: Tips for learning & life

I'm on leave for the next several weeks, so I have queued up a series of "reboot" posts, revisiting evergreen material from the early days of this blog.


Photograph shows a piece of watercolor paper with three sketches of a gray and orange moth. To the left of the paper is a small palette of watercolor paints. Above them are a brush, pencil, rag, and eraser.
Sketches I made of a moth while trying to identify it (Image: B.G. Merkle)

Over the years, I've written (and taught) a lot about how drawing can enhance the way we experience the world. This week, I'm highlighting a few of those pieces, in hopes that these perspectives can offer you an entry point (or a reconnection opportunity) with drawing as a tool, practice, and learning process.


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