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Science communication bibliography

Updated: Jan 14

Screenshot of the bibliography linked to in this post. Follow the links for an accessible, plain-text version.

Screenshot of the bibliography linked to at the bottom of this post.

If you’re looking for a starting point for understanding evidence-based, inclusive science communication, the literature about science communication can be overwhelming. This body of literature, sometimes known as the science of science communication, is actually a collection of disciplines that ranges from behavioral psychology to economics, and from writing studies to data visualization, and more.

The course bibliography I distribute in my undergraduate and graduate courses on science communication can be a helpful orientation to these bodies of literature and how you can apply them to a range of concepts and challenges inherent in science communication.

The course bibliography is organized by topic area, following the three major modules in my course on Applied Principles of Science Communication:

  1. Foundations of Science Communication

    1. Science of SciComm 101

    2. Connecting Science & Society

    3. Understanding Interest Groups, Influencers, and Impacted Groups

    4. Goals & Planning

    5. Decision-making

    6. Politicization of Science & Misinformation

    7. Proposals & Annotated Bibliographies

  2. Tools for Science Communication

    1. Plain Language

    2. Graphic Design Essentials

    3. Social Media for SciComm

    4. Fine-Tuning SciComm Messaging

    5. One-Pagers, Issue Briefs & Policy Briefs

    6. SciComm Blogs

  3. The Practice of Science Communication

    1. Implementation

    2. Reflection

    3. Assessment

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